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    Q: Hello Lisa: I have a lovely cat that I think is one of yours (I think mentioned as #100). He's green, long, stamped with what looks like hierogliphics and has adorned my shelves for many years. I found out recently that he may have also adorned the tv set in "Georgie Girl," the movie from the 1960s with Lynn Redgrave. I saw a clip where he graces the top of the television set. Is that the case? I'm attaching a link to a scene from the movie on Youtube - it's not great but you can see the cat at the end of the shot.


    A: Hi Joanne, Thanks for your mail. I think this is such a brilliant question! I had no idea that Lisa Larson was such a trendy thing in the UK in the 60’s! I love the YouTube Clip. I must get the DVD, I want to see the whole movie now, it’s a classic! Lisa made this cat in 1957. As you can see, ‘a cat’ still looks much the same way in 2008, when she drew what has now become ‘Mikey’.

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