Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 23.5.2018

LISA LARSON care about your personal integrity, and we aim to achieve a high standard of data security within our organisation. This policy outlines how we collect and use your personal data, and how we work to protect it both technically and organisationally. With Personal data we mean all information that can be tied to you as a living person. This policy also describes which legal rights you have in relation to our keeping your personal records and you can go about exercising these rights.

Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd is administrating the personal data collected in accordance with GRDP, European Regulation 2016/679.

Personal Data Controller

Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd is the personal data controller. Company Registration Number SC386478, with the registered address Upper Floor, Unit 1, Cadzow Park, 82 Muir Street, Hamilton, ML3 6BJ, Scotland, UK.

What personal data does Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd hold?

The personal data we hold about you depends on the relationship we have. We collect your name and address when you make an order at the on-line shop LISA LARSON SHOP, and we collect your email address when you contact us through a contact form on the websites and

Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd also handles the data of company clients to be able to keep in touch and supply design assets to licensing customers.

Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd does not collect information regarding credit card payments. All payment information is retained by Paypal.

Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd handles personal data for several reasons, mainly:

  • to process orders and customer communications, licensing client communications, distribute information to collectors and exhibition coordinators
  • to document and develop information about the artist Lisa Larson
  • to fulfil our obligations as collaborative partners and designers

When we send out any marketing mailing you will always be able to opt out of  receiving any further communications.

Any handling of personal data by Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd is motivated by one or more of the following reasons:

Fulfilling a legal obligation

E.g. Company data has to be included for accountancy reasons.

Adhering to a legal agreement

E.g. if you buy goods from our on-line shop we need to retain certain personal data to be able to send the parcel to you and keep in touch in case anything goes wrong. If you are a corporate client we need personal data to be able to deliver our design services and issue an invoice for the work ordered.

Legitimate interest

E.g. If you are a collector of Lisa Larson ceramics and Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd is managing the marketing activities around an exhibition event we may contact you to inform you of both the exhibition, new design and new products available on the market.


E.g. When you contact us with questions, or shop at LISA LARSON SHOP, we will ask you to consent to keeping your contact details so that we can keep in touch. You can recall your consent at any time.

Storage time and storage protection

To protect your personal data against theft, loss and unauthorised use, we at Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd will keep working to improve and maintain a number of safety measures. That includes physical protection (buildings, IT equipment and people) information security (IT passwords, virus protection, back-up) and organisational protection (only authorised persons have access).

We store your personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfil the reasons above. If you want us to dispose of your data earlier please follow procedures described under the heading Your rights below.

Corporate contacts

If you have been in touch with us in a professional capacity, for instance as an exhibition organiser, a licensing agent or client of Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd, we will keep your records until further notice, to enable us to keep in touch regarding future ideas for new projects.

Private individuals

If you have been in touch with Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd as a private individual, by sending your greetings and questions via the website, or have been a customer in LISA LARSON SHOP, we will keep your records until further notice, to enable us to inform you about future events, new products and special offers.

Transfer of personal data to others

Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd will never sell your data to third party unless we get your prior approval to do so.

Your rights

According to the data protection law you have specific rights in relation to Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd.  Please contact Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd at the address Upper Floor,Unit 1, Cadzow Park , 82 Muir Street, Hamilton, ML3 6BJ, Scotland, UK.

Right to correction

Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd aim to keep the information we hold about you to be correct. If you notice anything wrong you have the right to request that we change it. please let us know and the change shall be made.

Right to limit the use of the information

If you want Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd to keep your data for limited use only, you can request a restriction in how, and when, your data is used.

Right to be removed

If you want us to remove your data completely you have a right to request this. You will be forgotten, which includes all information that you once asked to be forgotten.

If you think we have acted wrongly

If your opinion is that Lisa & Johanna Larson Ltd is handling your personal data in a way that is contrary to current legislation, or that we have wrongly handled a request from you, as you were executing your rights, you will be entitled to report this to ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).